One of our members, EXSEL UNDERWRITING AGENCY, has just launched a new website for its product ESCUDO CIBER with a renewed image and a better content organization.

A sales tool for brokers with direct access to the main features of the product and the necessary documentation. In EXSEL, they are always taking steps forward in terms of technology and image and offer the best solutions with innovative products.

With this new website, brokers have at their fingertips the best way to explain the enormous advantages of ESCUDO CIBER and thus increase the chances of successful product sales.

We encourage you to visit the new ESCUDO CIBER website and check first hand all the detailed information that has been developed for the product. It has never been so easy for a mediator to have what he needs to carry out his work. However, in EXSEL UNDERWRITING AGENCY they are not satisfied and will continue to offer in the future our best versions in this, as well as in the rest of the products they work with. A guarantee of success and business with the support of a real expert in the sector.